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Get Started with Business Decision Management
Bring the benefits of decision management to your company with a pilot project. We will help you to identify, mine, analyse and model your key business decisions and select or build the tools and infrastructure needed to capture, test and automate them. Benefit from our experience with the tools and techniques of decision management to get your team delivering value quickly.
Decision Modeling Training and Mentoring (DMN)
At Lux Magi we believe in highly interactive and practice led training. So our training courses focus on individual and group exercises rather than ‘chalk-and-talk’.

We will train your business analysts and subject matter experts to use the Decision Model and Notation (DMN), the OMG standard for modeling business decisions. We offer courses not only in the DMN 1.1 standard, but also a method to apply it pragmatically and at scale. Training can be provided at your site or via the web.

Our courses include:

  • 4-hour and 1-day introduction courses, equipping your team with the foundations of decision modeling
  • 2- and 3-day extensive courses, including the tool-set, best practices and several fully worked examples
  • 4-day course with integrated mentoring featuring real decisions from your company.

Learn decision modeling from the experts, including integration of machine learning and AI. Find out more.

Combine Analytics, Data and Decision Science
Let us show you how to use decision modeling to better target your predictive analytics. Many companies spend too much time and money with expensive data scientists perfecting models to make predictive decisions. We’ll show you how to use decision modeling to refine the data and context of your analytics and better integrate them with your business processes and business rules.
Improve the Transparancy of your Analytics
Your predictive analytic models may produce accurate results, but is it always clear why? GDPR and other regulatory legislation will require that your company justify its decision making behavior. We can help by using decision modeling to increase the transparency and traceability of your analytics and provide a post-hoc explanation mechanism.
Improve the Effectiveness of Business Rules
If you company uses business rules and are facing issues with the obscurity, unreliability or size of your rule sets, let us show you how to use decision modelling to:

  • vastly improve transparency of your rule sets, making them more comprehensible to business users
  • manage growth and change of your rule set more effectively, put an end to ‘brittle’ rule sets
  • help scale your business rules more efficiently
Business Decision Modeling Toolset Selection
We have experience of all the major decision modeling tools and can help you make an informed choices about the tool sets that best fits your needs. Don’t waste time researching all the available tools (more than 15 products are currently available) when our six years’ experience in the field can help you to streamline your selection process.
Microconsultancy and Health Checks
Have a question about your existing decision or business rule architecture? Need a quick assessment, health check or second opinion concerning your decision-making techniques and infrastructure? Our microconsultancy service allows you to access our wealth of experience on an hour-by-hour basis without the expense or commitment of a formal engagement.
Decision Management Powered GDPR
GDPR undoubtedly represents one of the most onerous regulatory mandates of the past decade—the first to explicitly demand an after-the-fact ability to explain your decision-making. We can kick start your GDPR Data Audit and Privacy Impact Assessment using Decision Management which is a powerful technique for understanding your company’s decision making and its data dependencies.

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