Are Business Rules Really Owned by the Business?

It is the stated intent of business rule management systems (BRMS) to support a partnership between the business and IT: they empower business users to own, maintain and test their enterprise business rules, whereas IT departments have the responsibility of integrating the rule system effectively with the infrastructure of the organization and preserving the integrity of production systems. In effect, IT are providing the business with a sandbox environment to control the decision making of their enterprise with true agility. But does it work this way in practice? (more…)

Why Business Rules Should NOT be Maintained by IT

There are a number of clients (particularly investment banks) that are using business rule management systems BRMS tools to maintain business rules. They all firmly believe that this is a best practice that will bring a great benefit. But IT practitioners are still the stewards and custodians of these rules – so have these august organisations missed the whole point of business rules? (more…)