Why Use Business Rules For Accounting?

We’ve accumulated 15 years experience in the construction of BRMS based accounting systems. Over the past decade we have coordinated the architecture, design and implementation of six enterprise accounting systems based on business rules. We believe, from this experience, that Business Rule Management Systems (BRMS) are a very apt and empowering technology for this purpose. Furthermore that they are better than bespoke systems built on relational technology and off-the-shelf systems (like MicroGen). Despite recording our findings in our whitepaper and earlier blog articles, potential clients occasionally still ask: why BRMS? In this article we consider additional answers arising from questions posed to us by clients in the past year. (more…)

BRMS: The Most Effective Way to Implement an Accounting System

When it comes to implementing an accounting system, an organisation has three basic choices: buy an ‘off the shelf’ system, build one themselves ‘from scratch’ or compromise and build one themselves using proven infrastructure from an established vendor. Here we argue, from experience, that the latter approach gives an unbeatable combination of flexibility, cost and low development risk. Furthermore a business rule management system (BRMS) is a very potent implementation vehicle for an accounting system. (more…)